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I Have a Dream

I have a dream, actually many dreams but today 30-12-2017 I decided to make a reality my big dream. Sailling around the world at all cost. Even if it is a small sailboat, very small, maybe the smallest of all already seen to around the world.

Hi! I am Fábio Seligra I grew up in São Paulo – Brazil and there I met my first experience on a sailboat at Guarapiranga dam. At 10 years of age I lived in Salvador Bahia – Brazil, where contact with the sea was magic and I never managed to stay away. As a family from São Paulo we have always been traveling a lot, my passion for meeting new places started very early. I am self-taught and love creating tools, objects, furniture, visual communication, and from today I decided to write this site to create my own story.

…why a small boat?

It turns out that it is taking so long to fulfill my great dream of going around the world, I am turning 39 and with this financial crisis in Brazil I am afraid that this can never happen. So I hope to build my own boat and with this site I will write my trajectory, my studies, my experiences and be able to receive feed back from you.

Have a fun! Divirta-se!